Asago City Old Ikuno Mine Official Residences / Takashi Shimura Museum

1868 and Ikuno mine were a state-operated mine in our first country, and such as inviting a French mining engineer, a government advanced modernization and also made a town an official dwelling for Japanese in addition to the Western house where foreigners live. Since it was sold to Mitsubishi limited partnership from the Imperial Household Ministry which was jurisdiction then, it was prospering as a mine of Mitsubishi in 1896.
4 buildings and number of back have a ridge in Asago-shi old Ikuno mine staff lodgings.
3 houses, number 7 of back, number 8 and number 9 are the valuable remains by which one in the staff housing which exists leaves a lifestyle in the Japanese modern times for Ikuno who could build a ridge as a company house of Mitsubishi in 1896 number 19 in the old days most as an official dwelling in 1876 at the time which was a state-operated mine.


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