Ikuno Ginzan

Ikuno Ginzan
Development is set by Ikuno silver mine to 807, and real mining has started in 1542. I shone out as the Shogunate direct control mine of each of Oda, Toyotomi and Tokugawa and was often producing a mineral of silver and copper, but I close the mine down in 1973. It's opened to the public as the tourist facility where the design of the those days was reproduced at present. Such as a lode is thought to take a walk through the tunnel where an ore was being dug up in a rock surface, and a doll of an electric device reproduces the operational landscape, since it'll be now, unusual industry can be learned while enjoying oneself.

Mine reference library
3 reference libraries are established attached to Ikuno silver mine. Domestic of "Fukiya reference library" and 2000 points which reproduced a smelting process by an electric doll until the picture scroll which drew the state of the mine conversantly including a mine solid model in the Edo Period and the paying silver which is presented to the Edo Period and the Shogunate including the "mine reference library" where apparatus kinds in a mine are exhibited are made, from of there is Ikuno mineral house" of the domestic maximum level which exhibits a mineral specimen.

Development for 1200 years
Various events could go and developed 1200 exactly from 807 when Ikuno silver mine was found in 2007.


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