The Ikuno Town Development Craft Center,Izutsuya (Old Yoshikawa Mansion)

Yoshikawa family was being a generation after generation miner, was calling himself Izutsuya and was carrying on a village inn in the Edo Period.
A miner was the proprietor of a silver mine who could give a mining right from a deputy official place in Ikuno silver mine in the Edo Period, and Yoshikawa family was a proprietor of a pile called Tsuru Hayashiyama. Such as an inn was offered to a plaintiff at the inn to appear at the deputy official officially and the petition submitted at the deputy official by plaintiff's request was written, and going through the procedure for a suit, a village inn was the existence which can also be called the lawyer's present record.
That a main house in this old Yoshikawa house was built in 1832 by a ridge plate becomes clear. Kanayamacho formed as a direct control territory of Tokugawa government for since then years, personal life culture is told soon, and it can also be said a few valuable historic landmark in Ikuno-cho.
Repair had contribute a full set for Ikuno-cho for land and a building from Yoshikawa family in 1999 by the will I want community building in Ikuno-cho to use, and was maintained as Ikuno community building atelier Izutsuya.
As the base facilities where Izutsuya which became new is community building activity in Ikuno-cho, as well as, it's possible to use it as a place by the relaxation of the person who could come from town outside.


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